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Red Herring Global 2008, 200 Finalists

December 30th, 2008

finalists_webRelying on the shrewd observation to the global hi-tech industry as well as impartial and independent selection process for more than 10 years, Red Herring, which is honoured as risk investment vane, has established the absolute authority of “The Bible of Silicon Valley”.


200 finalists are from 24 countries and regions.

Company Number
Czech Republic

BPOVIA is the leading Virtual Assistant and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) service provider in China . Established in September 2007, BPOVIA had already made a big impact on the virtual assistant industry. BPOVIA is the first virtual assistant and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) service provider in China to ever be nominated for this prestigious award.

Congratulation for all the 200 Finalists!

7 Signal Finland Other With 7signal Sapphire solution installed into same premises where WLAN is used, it can provide the missing link into running business over WLAN efficiently.
Accordent Technologies USA Software Accordent Technologies offers the most trusted platform for high-volume, mission critical delivery of rich media to global audiences.
Acquia USA Other Acquia is a commercial open source software company providing products, services, and technical support for the open source Drupal social publishing system.
Advanced Diamomd Technologies USA Other Advanced Diamond Technologies (ADT), a diamond-enabled products company, is the world leader in developing and applying diamond films for industrial, electronic, mechanical, and medical applications.
Air Semiconductor UK Communications Air is a fabless semiconductor company developing location solutions for battery operated, mobile consumer devices including cellphones, digital cameras, portable media players, laptops, digital watches, etc.
Aito Technologies Finland Software Data collection, analysis and decision making solution provider.
Akamedia France Entertainment & media Online media and video entainment provider.
Albumprinter Holland Entertainment & media It offer a fully integrated end-to-end solution that enables consumers to create hard cover photo books and other photo products using their own digital images
Alenty France Internet & services Alenty Blog system and ranking system.
Alert Logic USA Software Alert Logic is the industry’s leading provider of on-demand IT compliance and security solutions.
Altai Technologies Limited HongKong, China Communications Altai Technologies is a privately held high technology company focused in design, development, and marketing of innovative outdoor wireless broadband solution.
Amiando Germany Internet & services Amiando is the leading tool in Europe for organizing events online.
Amimon Israel Communications AMIMON is a fabless semiconductor company pioneering wireless uncompressed high-definition video for universal connectivity among CE video devices.
AnchorFree USA Internet & Services AnchorFree operates the largest presence-based, out-of-home digital advertising and marketing platform at Wi-Fi broadband venues.
Aptilo Sweden Communications Aptilo Networks develops comprehensive wireless service management platforms
aquaMobile Spain Communications It’s a tried and tested piece of technology which is currently used by billions of objects including feature films, music, broadcasts, TV programmes, printed and digital imaging.
Arieso UK Communications Rieso delivers solutions to wireless operators and service providers to maximize their return on investment while substantially improving the network performance.
Asia Online Thailand Internet & services Development of software and delivery of services in the areas of machine translation, internet portals and search.
Attensity Software USA Computing Attensity is the innovator in Text Analytics solutions for commercial enterprises and government organizations.
Aurigo USA Software Aurigo is a leading software product company providing web based solutions to automate the critical processes of land management, project cost estimation, contract management and facility management for the infrastructure, construction and real estate verticals the world over.
Axes Systems Poland Internet & Services Axes System offers professional radio communication systems for large Polish clients in sectors such as public safety, industry, transportation. China internet & services Baby tools, toys and feed experience exchange and share.
Ball-It Oy Finland Other The company aims to become the leader in the development and production of real-time wireless sensing solutions.
Baynote USA Software Baynote automatically displays the best products and content to website visitors.
Beijing ACCB China Biosciences Kits and services for cancer screening, early-stage cancer detection, prognosis evaluation, personalized cancer therapies, and therapeutic efficacy and reoccurrence monitoring.
Beijing Infobird Software China Software Call centre service.
BioGasol Denmark Energy The company deliver renewable energy solutions based upon research and development from 1994.
Bloxx UK Computing Bloxx is leading the way in protecting organisations from nasty or inappropriate web usage.
BPOVIA China Outsourcing BPOVIA is the leading virtual assistant and knowledge process outsourcing KPO service provider in China.
Brickfish Internet & Services
BuyVIP Internet & Services
Carryquote Switzerland Software CarryQuote AG, (CQ) provides leading edge white label mobile plus web platforms to institutions and individuals engaged in trading a full range of global financial instruments, including equities, fixed income, foreign exchange and derivatives.
Central Desktop USA internet & services Central Desktop provides affordable, easy-to-use collaboration tools for business teams, without the IT hassle.
China Ticketing China internet & services China Ticketing is the leading solution provider of end-to-end ticketing system.
Chitika USA Other Chitika is a proven channel for targeting on-line consumers and qualified buyers.
Clairmail USA Other ClairMail was formed by an experienced team who recognized the power and potential of mobile phones to change the landscape of customer interaction.
ClubCooeee Entertainment & Media Club Cooee is a 3D internet communication platform for teenagers who want to meet in a virtual reality to have fun and be creative together.
Codenomicon Finland Security & Defense Codenomicon’s objective is to ensure the security and robustness of any application or service implementation.
Collanos Software USA Software Collanos is a global startup that focuses on the collaboration needs of teams who demand a secure, cross-platform, on- and off-line and server-less solution.
Confidex Finland Communications Confidex boasts an unique combination of world-leading RFID tag design competence, RF engineering and manufacturing experience. Confidex points to high performance and quality combined as a key competitive differentiator.
CoreBridge UK Software Corebridge is an enterprise software publisher that develops and commercialises unified communications applications to enhance and improve productivity and customer satisfaction, as well as reduce communications costs.
Coskata USA Energy Coskata, Inc. is a biology-based renewable energy company, with technology for the production of liquid fuels. Using proprietary microorganisms and transformative bioreactor designs, the company will produce ethanol for under US$1.00 per gallon anywhere in the world, from almost any input material (feedstock).
Crysoptix KK Japan Communications Crysoptix is a leading material technology company developing, manufacturing and marketing products based on a technology platform of Cascade Crystallization.
Cswitch Corporation USA Communications Cswitch was founded by a team of highly experienced semiconductor executives to develop the next generation of configurable solutions for a wide range of networking-based platforms.
Dapper USA Internet & Services Dapper aims to make it easy and possible for anyone to extract and reuse content from any website.
Dezide Danmark Internet & Services Dezide has a particular focus on automation of customer service in telecoms, ISPs and mobile operators.
Doodle Switzerland Internet & Services Doodle makes it easy to find a date and time for a group event. Doodle is a free online coordination tool which requires neither registration nor software installation.
eiQNetworks USA Security & Defense eIQnetworks, Inc. is an industry-leading provider of integrated security, risk and audit management solutions that effectively meet security and compliance challenges.
ekaabo Germany Other
eleven Germany Internet & Services eleven is a leading e-mail security provider based in Berlin, Germany.
Ether Optronics China Other Ether’s core competency lies in the design and manufacturing of next generation AGM miniature lens modules for high precision optical devices, including CCD and CMOS-based IT peripherals and mega pixel cameras.
Experteer Germany Internet & Services Floobs is an internet service offering tools for creating and distributing one’s own TV Channel anywhere in the world.
Floobs Finland Entertainment & Media Fusion-io is a leading provider of enterprise solid-state technology and high-performance I/O solutions that unlock a world of possibilities for performance-starved applications, closing the gap between processing power and storage performance.
Funshion China Other Funshion is a leading P2P vod software in China.
Fusion-io USA Computing Fusion-io is a leading provider of enterprise solid-state technology and high-performance I/O solutions that unlock a world of possibilities for performance-starved applications, closing the gap between processing power and storage performance. USA Computing The VC service includes a personal desktop, files and applications, available from any browser or mobile phone. is the world’s first and only true open Web Operating System (Web OS), working seamlessly with leading third-party Web applications.
GameDuell Germany Entertainment & media If you love playing skill games against real opponents then you are in the right place! You can be sure that your duels are always exciting because you can choose your own opponent and play for real money.
Gameforge Germany Entertainment & media Gameforge started as a pioneer in developing and – shortly afterwards – publishing browser- and client-based Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOGs).
Geewa Czech Republic Entertainment & Media The two latest trends in casual gaming are multiplayer and community games – Geewa is a leader in both.
GFI Security Solutions Malta Software GFI is a leading software developer that provides a single source for network administrators to address their network security, content security and messaging needs.
Gigle Semiconductor Spain Other Gigle set about developing a solution that would reliably deliver high-definition content and services anywhere in the home over the existing wiring. – powerline, coax and phone line.
Go Super China Communications Game platform.
Gohello Denmark Communications GoHelloTM is shaping the face of a new, ALLmobile telecoms industry.
Groundhog Technologies USA Communications Groundhog technolog has been the leading provider of enabling technologies to the wireless industry that increase shareholder value across a rang of technical and commercial value drivers.
Guidewire USA Software Guidewire Software exclusively serves the P&C insurance industry. We build and implement the core systems on which insurance carriers run their businesses.
Hammerkit Oy Finland Internet & Services HammerKit Oy is one of the champions of software component assembly for web application creation.
H-care Italy Internet & Services H-Care is a leading developer of user-friendly platforms for multi-channel self-service sales, marketing and customer care.
Hiu! Media China Advertising & Communications
hybris Software hybris is a leading vendor of multi-channel commerce & communication software.
Ice Energy USA Cleantech Ice Energy® is an energy technology company developing energy storage and advanced cooling and refrigeration products and technologies.
ID Interactive UK Internet & Services ID Interactive is a complete multimedia and software development company offering both bespoke services along side unique products to maximise your company’s performance and profits.
IDENTEC SOLUTIONS Austria Other IDENTEC SOLUTIONS is the leader in intelligent wireless identification technology.
imagiin France Internet & Services L’idée initiale de ce projet a germé aux Etats-Unis en 1997 : elle est liée à la frustration des téléspectateurs américains (trop) régulièrement interrompus dans leurs programmes par la publicité.
IMImobile India IT Consulting and Services IMImobile has addressed this issue and our ability to deliver turnkey solutions is unique. In a nutshell, we make it easy for our clients to implement profitable new services tapping the dynamic mobile market.
Ingenia UK Security & Defense Ingenia Technology Limited is an emerging international company in the authentication and verification of papers, plastics and metals, as used in documents, ID cards and product packaging.
INSIDE Contactless France Other INSIDE is the only leading semiconductor provider in the world dedicated exclusively to contactless technology.
Intrasoft Belgium Internet & services INTRASOFT International SA is a leading European company in the area of Information and Communication Technology services.
IQ Wind Israel Energy IQWind has since been focusing primarily on R&D and business development activities.
I-Wood Netherlands Software I-wood has developed a permission based mobile bannering concept ( which makes it possible to advertise on mobile phones 24 hours a day.
iYogi India Internet & Services iYogi provides next-generation, personalized remote computer support services for consumers and small businesses.
JumpTap USA Entertainment & media iYogi provides next-generation, personalized remote computer support services for consumers and small businesses.
Komli Media/PubMatic India Internet & Services Komli is about innovation and client service in the online advertising space.
Language Direct internet & services
LINE KONG China Software Online game development
Lionic China,Taiwan Security & Defense Lionic makes its own decisions to provide our customer a total solution which includes acceleration content inspection co-processors, software modules and signature services.
Live Gamer USA Entertainment & media Live Gamer is transforming virtual trading – with a marketplace where everyone wins. USA Internet & services Lulu is a digital marketplace guided by a vision of empowerment and accessibility, and built on a business model that has proven wildly successful.
MadCap Software USA Software MadCap Software is leading the documentation industry into the future with the MadCap family of tightly integrated applications for end-to-end content development, delivery and management. media corporation USA Internet & services Personalized free web-based email
Mann India India Software Development and implementation of custom software solutions.
Maveric Systems India Software Maveric Systems is India’s leading independent software testing company.
Mcheck India Internet & Services Mcheck was to augment everyone’s financial universe by creating a mobile payment platform that could make and receive payments securely and instantly over any distance.
Medialets USA Other Medialets is the creative ad network for native mobile applications.
mediapeers Germany Entertainment & Media mediapeers operates the mediapeers exchange (MPX), an international B2B marketplace for movies, documentaries, short form and other video formats.
Medio Systems USA Other Medio has gathered a deeply experienced team to build innovative solutions for some of mobile’s greatest needs.
mfoundry USA Mobile mFoundry is a leading provider of mobile financial services.
Millenial Media USA Entertainment & media Millennial Media is the industry’s leading mobile media networks company – leveraging our quality advertising networks and extensive reach of the lucrative “millennial” audience to define the mobile advertising industry.
Mindlogicx India Software Mindlogicx has specialized in knowledge management and delivery domain and has rolled out many products and services in the virtual learning space to make learning pervasive.
Mobank Internet & Services Mobile banking
Mobilegov France Security & Defense Mobilegov is an IT Security Software Editor
Mobiluck Internet & Services MobiLuck is a Friend Finder for your mobile that brings you closer to your friends.
Mocana USA Security & Defense Mocana’s industry-leading infrastructure software solutions ensure that wired and wireless devices, networks and services perform and scale with the utmost security – a necessary foundation for a networked society.
Mochila USA Communications Mochila is the world’s first and only online marketplace for syndicated content from hundreds of the world’s leading content providers.
Momail Sweden Communications Momail offer a server side clientless solution for mobile email including a patent pending optimization technology.
Multimedia Display Technologies MALAYSIA IT Consulting and Services Multimedia Display Technologies is a leading solution provider and consulting firm in the fields of advance display technologies which provides consultancy services to Global 2000 companies.
Museeka Switzerland Internet & Services Museeka mission is to allow any music lover to discover music that is relevant to their unique tastes quickly and easily.
Muxlim Inc Finland Internet & Services Muxlim is an online community that fosters a friendly environment where users can enjoy fun, compelling and easy-to-use social media services.
N4 Systems Canada Software N4 Systems is the world wide leader in providing integrated inspection, safety compliancy and maintenance software for organizations of all sizes.
Nanamini China Communications
Nanoradio Technologies Communications
Nanostellar Technologies USA Other Nanostellar, Inc. uses a unique nanotechnology methodology to develop precious-metals containing materials for the automotive and stationary power industries, enabling these industries to meet stringent diesel emissions-control requirements mandated in Europe, the U.S. and Asia.
National Pasteurized Egg USA Other NPE vision is to be the leader in manufacturing and licensing of safe pasteurized shell eggs (PSE) and pasteurizing technology.
NComputing Canada Computing virtual desktop computing
Netprice Services India Internet & Services Netprice Services is pioneer in providing innovative solutions for measuring marketing performance.
Nevis Networks Canada Security & defense Nevis Networks delivers a powerful breakthrough solution for LAN security.
New Bay Software Ireland Communications NewBay Software is the global leader in digital lifestyle solutions for operators, enabling subscribers to create, store, view and share user generated content.
Newstin Internet & Services
Nexant USA Software Nexant helps clients unlock the value of their energy assets by enabling them to make informed decisions with greater confidence, speed, and reliability.
Nextwave Biomedical Singapore Biosciences NextWave Biomedical Pte Ltd is privately-held company specializing in the development and operation of mobile and electronic healthcare infrastructure and services.
NGPay India Mobile Through ngpay, consumers anywhere across India can shop, buy tickets, bank, order food, pay bills and more – easily and securely – from their mobile handset.
Nimbuzz Netherlands Internet & Services Nimbuzz offers the most comprehensive social interaction service combining Instant Messaging, presence, and VoIP.
Nomad Digital Communications
Novazone / Purfresh USA Cleantech Purfresh is dedicated to providing clean solutions to purify, protect, and preserve the world’s food and water supply.
Nulogy Canada Software Nulogy’s focused and dedicated teams pride themselves on ensuring that our customers’ needs are not only met, but exceeded.
oDesk USA Internet & services oDesk is the marketplace for online workteams, with the best business model for both buyers and providers.
Ohanae USA Software and Defense Ohanae™ is highly focused on delivering robust and easy-to-use solutions that secure and simplify your online experience.
OmniDate Canada Internet & services OmniDate builds virtual dating venues (e.g., a virtual cafe), where singles can get to know each other in a fun and safe environment before meeting in person (patent pending).
Origin Biomed Canada Biosciences Origin BioMed brings scientifically proven biomedicinal natural products to professional care givers and consumers.
Oversight Systems USA Software Our solutions and technology provide global industry leaders with the forensic audit capabilities so much in demand in today’s environment of heightened regulatory enforcement and corporate compliance initiatives.
Overture Netowrks USA Internet & services Overture Networks has assembled a veteran team with extensive experience delivering edge solutions to carriers—experience rooted in IP, Ethernet, and TDM technologies and the specific problems metro carriers face in a hybrid TDM/packet world.
Oxy Systems Inc USA Internet & services Oxy Systems is a privately held software company and the leader in developing services that bring together mobile music and social networking to create an enhanced mobile experience for today’s wireless service subscriber.
Packetvision UK Communications Packet Vision is the pioneer of advanced video advertising.
PageOnce USA Internet & services Pageonce, the leading Personal Productivity Assistant, is your one-stop-shop for online account management on your BlackBerry, iPhone, or your computer’s web browser.
Panaya Israel Internet & services Panaya is a new Software as a Service solution that reduces the cost and risk of making changes to ERP systems.
ParAccel USA Computing ParAccel enhances our customers’ business results by delivering the world’s fastest, simplest RDBMS platform for analytic queries.
Peptalk China Software &Bedo is a creative IM with the application of Google map.
Pinc Solutions USA Other &PINC has pioneered the development of RTLS-based asset tracking technology using an innovative combination of passive RFID, MEMS and other low-cost sensors, providing practical solutions at affordable prices for the logistics and supply chain management applications.
Player X UK Entertainment & media Player X is a mobile media company specialising in games and mobile TV & video.
PopMedia China Sodtware Precise push Ads through Internet
ProGenTech Limited China Biosciences Progentech Limited, Inc was formed in June of 2005 by technology and marketing veterans from the Silicon Valley with a mission to deliver highly integrated and fully automated instrumentation to address the demands effectively.
Pudding Media USA Entertainment & media Pudding Media delivers comprehensive advertising solutions to mobile carriers and telecommunications operators.
Pulse Group Malaysia Software Pulse Group PLC is a leading Research Process Outsourcing (RPO) company, servicing the market research industry globally.
Qiro Germany Software Qiro GmbH is a new community and information service for mobile devices like cell phones and PDA’s.
Q-layer Belgium Internet & services Q-layer provides software for data centers that enables true cloud computing.
Qype Germany Communications Qype was founded in November of 2005 and since then has gone on to become the largest user-generated local review site in Europe.
Range Fuels USA Energy Range Fuels is focusing on alternative, clean (green) energy systems.
Readiminds Singapore Entertainment & media ReadiMinds is a new generation, specialist, transactional security & fraud prevention software company, with a proven and acknowledged track record of innovation and leading edge software solutions for the financial and securities industry.
Real Time Content (RTC) UK Internet & services RTC is a privately held company based at Adastral Technology Park
RecordTV Internet & Services
Revolt Technology Switzerland Cleantech ReVolt Technology AS is a spin-off of SINTEF, Norway, one of the largest contract research institutes in Europe.
RingCentral USA Internet & services RingCentral, Inc. puts businesses and professionals In Touch and In Control™ by unifying and intelligently managing all their phone, mobile, fax and email communications with a single phone number and an easy-to-use online control center.
Santrum Networks Taiwan, China Communications Santrum engages in developing easy-using collaboration solutions to allow users to co-view, co-edit, provide remote support, access remote servers, share files, share databases, share desktops, talk to others, and see others over Internet.
Scalent Systems France Software Scalent is driving the next generation of data center virtualization, management, and automation. Scalent makes Infrastructure Virtualization software.
Sclipo Internet & services Sclipo is a social learning network. Sclipo offers a revolutionary way to learn online by integrating rich educational applications – such as video and webcam – into a true social network platform.
SECU4 France Security & defense SECU4 develops for its client new protection solutions for valuables and people based on wireless technologies.
SecureActive France Software SecurActive, European leader in the field of network behaviour analysis solutions
SEVEN USA Software SEVEN aims to make mobile messaging available on every mobile phone at an affordable price.
Sevenload Internet & services
Severa Oy Finland Internet & services Severa PSA is a leading project business solution. Manage projects, customers, sales, timesheets, invoices
Silobreaker Internet & services
Silver Spring Networks USA Energy Silver Spring Networks builds networks that enable a utility to make the business changes necessary today to improve efficiency, reliability, and customer service while reducing costs.
SimpleFeed USA Communications SimpleFeed sells directly to Global 2000 companies and is offered through leading Email Service Providers, Advertising Agencies and Marketing Services Companies.
Sloka Telecom India Communications Sloka Telecom is a radio access equipment maker targeting emerging markets.
Smilebox USA Internet & services Smilebox® makes it easy to connect with friends and family in a more creative and compelling way.
Solaiemes Spain Mobile Solaiemes is a privately funded company, focused on “Mobiltity”, we are based in Spain and offer our solutions and services globally.
SpinX Switzerland Biosciences SpinX designs and develops products which exploit its innovative adaptive microfludics technology.
Startforce KK Japan Software
Stoke India Communications Mobile Broadband Offload and Coverage Solutions Enabling operators to efficiently leverage emerging mobile broadband technologies to improve service delivery economics, coverage, and the subscriber experience.
Tailgate Technologies Internet & Services
Telepin Canada Communications Telepin Software is a leading global market software provider of mobile financial platforms.
Temobi China communications Shenzhen Temobi Science & Technology Development Co., Ltd. is the new generation of mobile Internet Company, which owns a number of global leading patents concerning mobile streaming.
Terranet Sweden Communications TerraNet develops and markets a new innovative wireless communications technology that enables a wide set of business applications.
The Orchard USA Entertainment & media
Think Global USA Communications ThinkGlobal is a leading source of news and information for importers, exporters and service providers involved in international trade.
Tideway Systems Internet & services
Touchmedia China Interactive Media TouchMedia provides a set of interactive advertising technology services, marketing services and advertising experience for data services, research into a new type of professional media.
Trampoline Systems UK Biotech Trampoline Systems is a leading innovator in organisational network analysis software and diagnostic services based in London, UK.
trivago Internet & services Treval helper.
UBIqube France Security & defense UBIqube is a global integrated network and security management solution vendor.
UbiquiSys UK Communications The strength of Ubiquisys’ offer is based on our commitment to robust open standards like UMA and SIP/IMS – ensuring reliability, interoperability, significant cost savings and time to market advantage.
Ultizen Games China Entertainment & media UltiZen Games is China’s largest game developer and game development outsourcing partner for many of the most respected games companies around the world.
urmap Taiwan, China Communications Life and store map.
Veridiem USA Software SAS is the leader in business intelligence, has acquired the principal assets of marketing resource management (MRM) provider Veridiem
Vidient USA Security & defense Vidient Systems is a global leader in sophisticated video analysis for security, safety and business intelligence applications.
Virent Energy Systems Energy
Visto USA Communications Visto delivers on the promise of mobile email with an offering that is easy to set up, use and manage, included with a wide range of affordable data plans and available on all of the leading handsets.
Vyatta USA Communications Vyatta is bringing innovation and affordability to the networking industry by leveraging open source technologies and the performance increases of x86-based processors.
Where Are You Now UK Social Net WAYN is the fastest growing travel and lifestyle social networking community website in the UK.
Wits Interactive India IT Consulting & Services WITS Interactive Pvt. Ltd. is a Multimedia Agency delivering high-impact solutions for automating marketing, sales, and customer service.
Wonga UK Internet & services Wonga is a ground-breaking online lender based in London.
WorkLight USA Software WorkLight Inc. is a Secure Web 2.0 for Business software provider that enables companies to generate business using?consumer Web 2.0 tools.?
Wrike USA Software Wrike is an integrated online project management solution that helps you manage projects, teams and businesses. Switzerland Internet & services Wuala is a free social online storage which allows its users to securely store, backup, and access files from anywhere and to share files easily with friends, groups, and the world.
wunderLOOP Media Services UK Internet & services As Europe’s leading vendor of integrated targeting services, wunderloop makes it possible to precisely target specific demographics online.
Xceedium USA Security & defense Xceedium is the premier provider of entitlement management solutions that reduce the complexity and cost of controlling high-risk users.
Xcerion AB Sweden Software Xcerion AB ( provides a revolutionary Internet OS as a Web 2.0 service over the Internet.
YouSendIt USA Internet & services YouSendIt is the trusted leader in digital content delivery.
Zeachem USA Energy ZeaChem, Inc. is developing a cellulose-based biorefinery platform producing either ethanol or a broad portfolio of other chemicals.
Zoomin Denmark Internet & services The company has developed the award-winning platform ZOOMIO Campaigner for e-marketing.
Zoomorama France Internet & services Zoomoroma is born out of a dream made by a photographer who wanted to reproduce the magic of LIFE magazine on the Web.
Zycus India Software Zycus is the world’s leading provider of Spend Management solutions to Global 1000 companies.
Zygo Communications UK Communications Zygo is a mobile service for groups of people in the real world.

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