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US city expects to better China relationship

November 12th, 2008

Gavin Newsom, the mayor of San Francisco, arrives in Shanghai today to launch a privately funded business recruitment initiative. This is a part of the city’s drive in the past two years to further ties with China and its own environment projects. Before he arrived in the financial centre, he said energy dependence and establishing a stronger relationship with China are the two important things for them.

The ChinaSF, which is a joint initiative between the San Francisco Centre for Economic Development and the city of San Francisco, aims at combining creating an innovative green economy with building strong ties with China. Newsom finds it “important to both grow the top line and cut the bottom line” with the spreading financial turmoil. The reason is that in the city’s 2009 budget, capital projects are to grow by 29 percent while expenditures on equipment will drop by 15 percent and facilities maintenance 4 percent.

Newsom said the ChinaSF initiative is designed to attract business to San Francisco with using tax payers’ money. Instead, it is funded by service-sector businesses such as banks, law firms, consulting firms, commercial real estate companies, and architecture designers. Not only this, it also has a cast advisory board that includes many business heavy-weights.

San Francisco has been Shanghai’s sister city for 29 years; and it also one of the first Chinatowns in the US. “China will be our godsend here in California and in America of we establish a strong relationship,” Newsom said, “not just with the government, but with entrepreneurs, business leaders, artists, and intellectuals”.

BPOVIA in Nanjing also has a lot of clients in San Francisco. It is believed that the closer tie between China and US will tighten the relationship between BPOVIA and its clients.

What is more, Shanghai’s Pudong’s digital media park, Yangpu’s knowledge and innovation community, Suzhou’s Bio Bay etc are expected to be highlighted by the initiative. According to Newsom, he wants San Francisco and China to have the best and brightest exchanges in business, technology, art, and intellectual; he also wants Chinese people to first think of San Francisco when thinking of America though there are many differences between the two countries.

Newsom expressed his pride in having grown up in Chinese community, where he attended a Chinatown French Catholic school called Notre Dame des Victoires. He expressed China as a humanity nation where people contribute themselves to the community. “You now also have a friend in San Francisco, and possibly in California,” he said.


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