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Posts Tagged ‘pressure’

Graduates get more teaching jobs

July 10th, 2009

jiuyejiuye 6.11 million fresh graduates will crowd into the job hunting market this year while it was only 5.59 million in 2008. Since there is a great pressure of the employment around the country, this year, 50000 graduate students which are three times more than it was in 2008 could work as short-term teachers.

There is a contract with the local government that graduate students should work there for 3 years and the central government will pay a special fund for them. “Some jobs are only Read more…

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RMB may keep basically stable

November 18th, 2008

Although there is possible increased pressure on China to appreciate its currency faster ahead of Saturday’s G20 summit in Washington, analysts said, the renminbi strengthens and China’s domestic economic outlook worsens.”

They stressed that the economic priorities of China decide that it cannot accept Western demands to speed up renminbi appreciation, as such a move have already been beaten by the global financial crisis. Read more…

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